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John Updike: Famed author and style icon


“I think ‘taste’ is a social concept and not an artistic one. I’m willing to show good taste, if I can, in somebody else’s living room, but our reading life is too short for a writer to be in any way polite. Since his words enter into another’s brain in silence and intimacy, he should be as honest and explicit as we are with ourselves.” ~ John Updike.


We were all taken back by the news that author John Updike, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction whose novels and short stories were best known for exalting the everyday and the unglamorous, passed away Tuesday morning of lung cancer. Author of more than 50 books and myriad of short stories, Updike was revered by some critics and minimized by others. He was best known for capturing the mood and emotions of small-town, middle-class America and will be deeply missed.

To honor his life and truly exceptional writings, I've gathered a few images that demonstrate his style progression through the years. Upon observation one thing remains true, he didn't allow his personal image to overpower his work. He dressed with a classic mindset and always wore a smile on his face.


                       Photos courtesy of: 
USA Today