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John Travolta uses own Boeing 707 to bring aid to Haiti, and many are sneering about Scientology?

John Travolta/  AP photo
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John Travolta and his beautiful wife Kelly Preston arrived in Haiti and are actively doing everything they can in helping with the situation after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that has devastated the island and killed more than 150,000 in Port-au-Prince alone, since it hit on January 12th 

The actor tells reporters;  “We have the ability to actually help make a difference in the situation in Haiti, and I just can’t see not using this plane to help.” He’s referring to his own Boeing 707 he personally landed in Port-au-Prince, on Tuesday.
The 55-year-old actor was well received as he shook hands with the authorities and island officials, waving to the curious photographers and the media in Haiti. He brought with him the desperately needed supplies such as, 6-tons of ready-to-eat military meals, medical supplies and what many in the media are sneering about; a group of doctors and ministers from the Church of Scientology, which he has been an active member of since 1975.
The newly arrived Scientologists will join the other members of the church that arrived last week in administering touch therapy, the main function as described by Marion Whitta, director of the India Scientology Goodwill Tour explains:
 “This therapy helps us calm down. 

“Communication with the body lessens when one is ill or injured. Touch Assist helps restores a person’s ability to communicate fully with an ill or injured body part and also helps develop cognition. The therapy says follow the nerve channels of the body. The touching must be balanced to both sides of the body.”

Hollywood can be very generous and effective in raising money for any particular cause, in this case it has already raised $58,000 million in a recent telethon that received an outpouring of generous donations. 


  • LS 5 years ago

    WOW, the writer must be a $cientologist or at the very least moron--likely both--as Xenu knows--they certainly are not mutually exclusive! Yuck--who would want some weirdo cultist touching them--spreading their cooties--I love my body thetans by the way!

  • Daimyo 5 years ago

    Mr. Travolta,
    Thank you kind and generous, SIR! I am appreciative of the respect you (by example) show the world. The deed(s) accomplished that bear your name, are never forgotten. I bow...

  • What I think... 5 years ago

    LS- you're an idiot. Go touch yourself all you want, you're clearly ignorant and prejudice to assume anything. "Weirdo cultist?" "spreading their cooties?" yeah, okay- you're the moron.

  • Becky, Clev. Family Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article Maria! Touch therapy is performed in many hospitals on premature infants. I didn't know Scientology did this too! Glad to hear that Mr. Travolta is coming out of his depression from losing his son and doing something positive for others. I'm glad Hollywood is getting involved. So much money has been sent to Haiti just from Hollywood exposure.

  • bob dobbs 5 years ago

    "! Touch therapy is performed in many hospitals on premature infants. I didn't know Scientology did this too!"

    Hey, did you also know that L Ron Hubbard was a drug-addled con-man who started a religion to "make a million dollars" ans was accused of abuse by his family members? What a great guy.

  • scottyhawtness 5 years ago

    Well, i guess all of those sneerers can always go to Haiti and volunteer their time and energy to help the downtrodden. Oh, that would mean they would actually have to do something besides complain about others. God Bless John Travolta, his wife Kelly, and the doctors who decided to do something humane amid negative criticism from a bunch of idiots who would rather complain than do something. We seem to have alot of them in this world.

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