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John Travolta lawsuit: Actor can't stop rumored gay lover from talking

John Travolta
John Travolta
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

John Travolta does not want his rumored gay lover to spill the secrets of their sexual relationship but a judge has now said there is nothing he can to stop it. On Tuesday, EW shared about how this lawsuit turned out for Travolta and obviously he is not happy with these results.

Douglas Gotterba used to work for Travolta's aircraft company for about seven years. He said that there was more than just a working relationship though. Now he wants to tell his side of the story. The way he wants to do it is by releasing a book with what he says are all of the details of their sexual relationship. He already did an interview but it didn't tell everything.

John Travolta didn't want him to have a chance to tell his story but now news is out that he will get to do just that whenever Douglas Gotterba is ready. He will be allowed to do a book or whatever he chooses. Now people have to decide if they believe it or not.

Presiding Justice Arthur Gilbert spoke out saying that the lawsuit was based on “the validity of the asserted termination agreements." He also said in court dockets that were released, "Although the prelitigation letters may have triggered Gotterba’s complaint and may be evidence in support of the complaint, they are not the basis of the complaint."

He went on to say that if John Travolta had won then it “would lead to the absurd result that a person receiving a demand letter threatening legal action for breach of contract would be precluded from seeking declaratory relief to determine the validity of the contract. Declaratory relief would be limited to situations where the parties have not communicated their disagreement.”