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John Tortorella suspended 15 days

John Tortorella has been suspended for 15 days.
John Tortorella has been suspended for 15 days.
Photo by Ben Nelms/Getty Images

You would not expect a game between the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks to be all that notable. You know, just another Saturday hockey game, with one of the teams being not so good. However, that was not the case this time. You may have heard about what happened. If you are of a particularly inane frame of mind, you may have even celebrated it. There were fights a mere two seconds into the game. Guys got ejected. Both teams had over 100 penalty minutes. It was ugly. Now, both head coaches have gotten penalized for their actions.

Calgary's Bob Hartley only got a $25,000 fine. He was docked because he started the game with his fourth-line goons, and you only do that if you want to start trouble, or you are a terrible head coach. John Tortorella responded with his own goons, but then he went a step further and tried to get into Calgary's locker room during the first period intermission. It was pretty bizarre, and it got Tortorella a 15-day suspension.

That's kind of weird. It isn't a penalty of a particular amount of games, but of days. It still is rather significant though, and I understand it. I mean, regardless of whatever Tortorella had on his mind, trying to barge into another team's locker room can't be accepted. As problematic as the fighting was, and this fashion of fighting adds nothing to the game, this is a whole different thing. It is also emblematic of why, despite Tortorella being a great head coach, he often wears out his welcome, as he did with the Rangers.

Hopefully this is the only time anything like this happens this season. I mean the fighting part. I don't expect another head coach to try and break into an opponent's locker room. Then again, Patrick Roy is a head coach now...