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John Stemberger will not tolerate LGBTs because they are "intolerant"

John Stemberger
John Stemberger

On March 12th, 2014, John Stemberger, the founder of Trail Life USA, the new anti-gay alternative to the Boy Scouts of America, asserted to Crosstalk host Jim Schneider that he will not be tolerant of the LGBT community because they are intolerant.

"We view a same-sex attraction as being very different than this new, sociopolitical construct of 'gay'," said Stemberger, "which is a political movement that is an in-your-face, intolerant, attitude agenda."

This is one of the American Taliban's latest ploys, yet one that has been hidden behind so many times as to also be an old shtick as well: Insisting that their intolerance is justified because the other side is intolerant of their intolerance.

It was a flimsy ploy to begin with, but one that, just like a disproved story of alleged Christian prosecution, they never get tired of promoting.

Stemberger applied this shallow ploy twice, in fact, when he lashed out at Disney's decision to pull its funding of the BSA because the organization still bars gay people from leadership roles, which he claimed is proof that gay rights advocates have a "vitriolic spirit" of "intolerance."

"Disney’s bought into it, Disney is completely a pro-gay agenda," he griped. "I don't trust Disney anymore with my kids. The Disney Channel can't be trusted. If it has 'Disney' on it and says it's for kids you better watch what it is parents because they can no longer be trusted as a family source for entertainment."

The obvious Catch 22, of course, is that, if Disney is intolerant for not supporting anti-gay dissent, that makes John Stemberger equally intolerant for not supporting Disney's pro-gay support.

But there is a much simpler explanation: John Stemberger is a bigot without the spine to admit it.

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