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John Stamos’ wardrobe malfunction has undies showing; offers pic of ripped pants

John Stamos’ wardrobe malfunction has undies showing
John Stamos/Twitter

John Stamos had a wardrobe malfunction on Sunday night and he doesn’t mind if every one of his fans know. The splitting moment on stage might have been a deal breaker for some, but as fans know Stamos has a wickedly cool sense of humor. So instead of hiding his wardrobe malfunction, Stamos owned the moment and gave the fans a cute picture in the process.

“I completely split my pants on SECOND song in @ thebeachboys show last night (good thing I was wearing undies) Drafty on stage,” wrote John Stamos on his Instagram account. He included a picture that showcased the drafty underwear and the split was all the way up the backside. Of course there was little to see, except that the star had underwear on and needed to change.

It was funny to see that John Stamos actually had pinpointed the exact moment that he ripped his pants. This small detail hardly mattered, but still offered the fans a great laughing point.

While fans of the star might see him for the upcoming commercial set to air during the big NFL game, the idea that he could be seen live, playing with the Beach Boys, has fans rushing to catch a glimpse of him on stage. The star can play several instruments and sometimes even offers an pants splitting moment on stage!

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