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John Stamos to join 'Glee' cast for next season.


John Stamos may be joining Fox's biggest show.

Uncle Jesse might be making a comeback... Ok, fine, it's not actually Uncle Jesse but it's the man who played Uncle Jesse and that ain't too shabby. John Stamos is reportedly set to join the cast of Glee next season. If you're a fan of the show and caught last night's season finale (It aired on Fox at 9:00pm. That's cable channel 7 for any Lexington folks.) you may have heard Emma mention a new suitor in her life and now? We might have a face to put with a name. (Ok, well she only said she was dating her dentist but you get the picture.)

Michael Ausiello, from The Ausiello Files on, apparently has some insider information that revealed the news yesterday afternoon. Also, despite the hair jokes, (we're sure Sue will have a'plenty) we can probably go ahead and expect a sing-off between our beloved Shuey and The Dentist.  You may have only accredited Stamos with his crazy drum skills we all saw in Full House but he actually had some runs on Broadway and even appeared in Bye Bye Birdie. So, Lexington Glee fans, is this idea riding the Fail Whale all the way into the gutter or do you think this actually just might work? Me? I'm betting on the latter. Oh and in case you don't believe the word on the street that Stamos can actually carry a tune? Check out the video below.

You can catch reruns of the entire first season of Glee all summer long Thursdays on Fox (cable channel 7 in Lexington.)



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