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John Schmucker 'Amish Mafia' sentenced to three months in prison

John Schmucker
John Schmucker
Discovery Channel

John Schmucker, star of the reality TV show, “Amish Mafia” received three months prison time from Judge Howard Knisley. This is the tenth time he has been charged for driving-under-suspicion. Three months prior, John appealed the verdict handed to him by the district judge. According to John’s attorney, Steven Breit, he informed the judge that the reason he appealed the case was because he’s afraid John will be targeted in prison on the grounds that he is on the show, "Amish Mafia."

This didn’t get his client off the hook. The judge said that John didn’t answer past citations. This is his 10th offense and that means jail time for John.

Lancaster Online reports that John’s attorney said that on June 27, 2014, John would have to report to the Lancaster County Prison.

The season finale of “Amish Mafia” showed cast members telling the producer and cameramen that they no longer wanted to do the show. They filmed the big, “We quit” scene. However, that must have just been part of the act, because they are filming season 4. Defense attorney, Steven Breit let fans know that jail time won’t affect John being in the show. He said, “I’ve been assured they will be able to work around this. The show will continue.”

Lancaster Online reports that the “Amish Mafia” crew was at the courthouse during John's sentencing filming scenes for the show. They didn't get inside the courthouse, but remained outside for news.

John is the brother to Esther Schmucker in real live and on the series. John helps do some of the dirty work for Lebanon Levi.

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