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John Romita Jr Leaves Marvel Comics For DC

John Romita Jr.'s Superman Run starts in Superman #32
DC Comics/John Romita Jr.

The name Romita as been synonymous with Marvel Comics ever since Marvel Comics began, way back in 1961. John Romita Sr. was one of Marvel’s top artists, working for years on Amazing Spider-Man, and helped shape the Marvel universe, as we know it today.

So it was only natural for Romita’s son, John Jr. to follow suit. By the mid-1970’s John Romita Jr. was working on such titles as Iron Man and following in his father’s footsteps on Amazing Spider-Man. By the 1990’s he was making a name for himself on such books as The Uncanny X-Men and Daredevil.

However, there has been a shakeup in the Marvel Universe, bigger than the death of The Watcher, or the upcoming death of Wolverine storyline, that has caused ripples within the fanboy community— especially with diehard Marvelites. John Romita Jr has left Marvel Comics.

It seems that after long relationship with Marvel, Romita decided to do more creator owned projects (he worked with writer Mark Miller to create Kick Ass), when he was approached by DC Comics, who made him an offer he just couldn’t refuse— a chance to work with writer Geoff Jones on DC’s flagship title, Superman.

As for what they have planned for Superman— Romita Jr. isn’t saying much, only that he hope fans like the direction that he and Johns are going to take the Man of Steel. Look for Romita’s run to start this June when Superman #32 hits the stands.

So are you excited about Romita’s upcoming run on Superman or is it no big thing? Let us know what you think.

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