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John Montin lawsuit: Trapped 20 years in mental hospital, John Montin sues

John Montin lawsuit over a man trapped in a mental institution 20 years
John Montin lawsuit over a man trapped in a mental institution 20 years
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A John Montin lawsuit against the Lincoln Regional Center, a mental health facility, is underway in Lincoln, Nebraska. Montin accuses the facility of misdiagnosing him and keeping him there for 20 years. He's demanding $33 million in compensation from the center, Christian Post reports July 15.

The legal suit started as far back as 1993 when Montin was charged with "false imprisonment, use of a weapon and other crimes." He went to a person's home claimed that it "belonged to his ancestors" and he was "taking it back," police reports indicate. He was found not guilty by a jury because of temporary insanity and taken to Lincoln Regional Center.

Doctors at Lincoln Regional never tested the man for his mental health; they chose to use police records dismissing him as delusional. Court reports contradicted all of that, however. Dr. Edward Kelly, a psychiatrist at Lincoln Regional Center, realized Montin had been taking medication for his back pain in 1993, which caused the temporary psychosis. He'd stopped taking the meds before his not guilty verdict.

The John Montin lawsuit comes to light after Dr. Kelly correctly diagnosed the psych ward patient.Lincoln attorney Jon Braaten was an advocate for Montin and urged more investigation into the case. Braaten tells Lincoln Journal-Star:

"We were just banging the drums, and they finally had to start listening. It was an injustice, and he was right from the beginning."

Last year Montin, 52, was released a returned to Florida. He now owns a boat cleaning business. His lawsuit consists of suing doctors, nurses, and staff for $22 million in "damages for the misdiagnosis, unnecessary treatment and holding, $10 million in punitive damages and $760,000 for lost wages over the years," the report states.

The John Montin lawsuit also mentions that the man's most significant years of his life were taken away from him, such as married, having children, and missing his mother's funeral.

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