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John Mellencamp at Atlanta's FOX Theatre - Outstanding!


  • GaryH 5 years ago

    Saw the same concert last night too. Worst concert I've ever seen. No encore?? I don't think I've ever been to a concert where the artist doesn't respect the audience enough (paying audience that is--up to $100 a ticket) to provide an encore. Here is a tip for Mr. Mellencamp--if you want to just play your new stuff--do a free concert. I know that you don't want to play your old stuff, but once you charge $500 to $100 per seat, you really need to think about your audience, not yourself.

  • LamarL 5 years ago

    I agree with GaryH. I was very disappointed in Mellencamp concert. The old hits are what I paid to hear. Hated the show. Mellencamp will not get any more of my money.

  • Thomas 5 years ago

    Have to disagree with Gary. Knew there was no artificial encore going in. Loved the pretty blond on stage wih Mellencamp for his last song.

  • Jeff W 5 years ago

    I totally aggree with Gary. I have seen over 100+ concerts - this is one of the 5 worst. For a performer that proclaims "small town values" - he pulled a bait and switch. If he is not going to play his hits (that have made him famous) - please let the ticket buyer know before they pay there money. That crowd was ready to rock - he killed it. When people are sitting in there seats with two songs to go - the concert is a bomb. I thought it might just be me. After the lights came on, everyone around me was also complaining about the show. The people who had seen Mellencamp before - said this was sadly lacking. Also, given the concert was so near Valentines - I can believe he totally BUTCHERED Jack and Diane. Which is a song that means so much to a lot of couple in the audience.

    Bottomline: AWFUL CONCERT - we were robbed.

  • Roger H 5 years ago

    I took my 13 year old son on this excursion. I knew what I was getting into with Mellencamp warming up for himself. I knew the new material was coming at a rapid pace and the old material would be reworked. But, the film was a disaster for a large majority of the crowd. Yes, John is an "artist". He can do whatever the heck he wants to do. John just never "rocked the house" really. The remakes of Jack and Diane (this time), Pink Houses, Authority Song lacked a punch that make the songs great. Yes, we all sang along anyway. When John went electric…too loud. He always does this so it wasn't a shocker With that said, "Scarecrow" was actually pretty powerful. Anyway, I'll be back to see John next time. Will he go to the Variety Playhouse and do a solo tour, or will he go back to Encore Park and rock out, or back to the Fox? Who knows. I'll take my son out for another excursion. That is certainly part of the fun, being with him for these experiences. It wasn't the best show for sure. Kid Rock this Friday. Now, that will be rock n roll...and country...and blues... and rap. Hmm. They're all different. Another excursion.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    99% of the reviews for his recent set of gigs are all very positive. I know several people who went to this show and they loved it. The only people who are negative are the ones who only want him to play his old songs. Sorry, don't believe you Jeff W.

  • Ken 5 years ago

    If you are a true Mellencamp fan, you probably loved the show. If you are not a true fan, you probably didn't care for the show. I personally loved the show and I loved the way he changed arrangements on the old stuff. What I didn't like were the stupid moron ushers trying to enforce the camera policy. The idiots didn't even understand the camera policy. Some said no cameras, some said cameras were fine, just no flash.
    Too many f--king rules. Just f--koff and let fans do what fans do.

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