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John Meis stopped Seattle Pacific shooter; now being thanked with wedding gifts

John Meis stopped the Seattle Pacific shooter and now a grateful country fires back with wedding gifts
John Meis stopped the Seattle Pacific shooter and now a grateful country fires back with wedding gifts
Courtesy of GoFundMe (via John Meis)

When gunman Aaron Ybarra was engaging in a shooting spree at Seattle Pacific University last week, John Meis didn't stand around waiting for someone else to do something. He sprayed Ybarra with pepper spray and wrestled him to the ground, helping to hold him until police arrived. John Meis is being thanked by a grateful country with a shower of wedding gifts.

John Meis was not a student at Seattle Pacific University when fate thrust him in Aaron Ybarra’s way. He never expected to be rewarded for his actions. He did what he felt had to be done to stop the carnage. ESPN sports radio producer Jessamyn McIntyre, however, does believe Meis needs to be rewarded. She started a GoFundMe campaign which has now purchased every single item on the happy couple's wedding registry.

“Seattle Police say if he didn’t take action that day, there was almost certain to be more loss of life. He and his fiancé are getting married on June 21st and this page is here simply for those in the community who wish to show gratitude toward this local hero. This couple hasn’t asked for anything, but many wish to contribute to their future – here is the place to do so…. I do not have a personal relationship with Jon Meis or his family, but was touched by his actions, along with all of you. I have been in contact with Seattle Pacific University, who have notified Jon and his family about your generous support. I will be working with SPU staff when the time comes to close the page.”

The total of cash and gifts, to date is enough to purchase a small fixer-upper. The campaign has raised over $46,000 and it may go higher.

McIntyre’s isn't the only fund started. A student at Seattle Pacific University has created the SPU Student Relief Fund to help victims of the shooting. This effort has raised over $14,000 to date. If you’d like to help, please click on the highlighted link.

John Meis doesn't consider himself a hero, but I believe he fits the definition. A true hero isn't someone in a Marvel comic book. It’s an ordinary person who goes to extraordinary lengths to do what has to be done. John Meis fits that bill to a tee.

QUOTE SOURCE: The Inquisitr

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