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John Mayer reality show: Singer wants to take on reality television with comedy

John Mayer wants to bring a reality show to television.
Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

John Mayer wants his own reality show. The singer developed his own idea for the series, and he wants to help people make their dreams come true. Mayer began talking about this new endeavor in recent weeks, and he wants to make this dream of his a reality. UPI reported on Mayer's desire to take on reality television on July 10.

John Mayer sings and performs on stage, but he loves reality television too. His idea would look at real people and their friends. The series called "My Funny Friend" would bring those funny people you know in your own life to the spotlight. That is if you and your friend are selected to appear on the series. Mayer wants Anthony Bourdain to host the series. He shared about the concept of the reality series with others recently. A source shared that he said the following, according to Us Weekly:

"Everyone thinks they have a buddy who’s so hysterical, he or she should be in comedy. People nominate their friends, and they go through a series of evaluations to determine if they’re actually funny or not."

Comedy in the reality television world is not always a hit. NBC has "Last Comic Standing" each summer, but summer programming is still the dead zone when it comes to television and ratings. One comedian made it to the final rounds of "America's Got Talent" since it began. People love to laugh, but they do not tune in to watch people compete to make them laugh the most.

John Mayer wants this series to become reality though. He thinks that the series has a great "human interest" angle. It is about dreams, and he wants to help funny people make their dream of becoming a comedian a reality. Will the series become a reality? It is too soon to tell. He needs to pitch the idea to networks, and they might not want to pick up the idea and run with it.

Mayer has made it clear that he is a huge fan of reality television though. In interviews, he revealed that he watches "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." He became hooked on those shows during Brad Womack's season. The man appeared on the series twice, so it is not clear which season the actor meant.

Reality television does continue to grow. More and more series join the line-up each year, and they look for the success that "The Real World" and "Survivor" found with their runs. "American Idol" keeps holding on year after year despite complaints about the format. Would a show about funny friends fit into the reality landscape? There is not any way to know. It is different, and different sometimes works out. What do you think? Would you watch?

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