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John Mayer reality show: New reports say singer has idea for his own show

John Mayer
John Mayer
Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

News is out that John Mayer might actually be doing his own reality show. Fans would love to get to know more about this mysterious singer but it won't be that kind of show at all. On Thursday, Web Pro News shared that he will be doing his own show soon if he has his way about it. This is a show that he wants to do and it was all his idea.

The show he has an idea for will be called "My Funny Friend." It is all about that friend that everyone has and John Mayer wants to find that friend. You would be given the chance to actually nominate your friends and then people will see if they are really funny or not. He doesn't explain if it will be voting or how it will work but they will be evaluated to figure it out.

John Mayer wants Anthony Bourdain to host the show. It is unknown if John Mayer would be part of the show or not. He might just be the man behind it all and not actually seen on the show at all. This would disappoint some of his fans without a doubt.

US Magazine shared that this show is not a reality yet but John wants to pitch it to the networks. He has high hopes that he will find a home for it. John says that it will make dreams come true for people and that is what he really wants to do. John Mayer loves reality TV and admits that he enjoys these shows. He doesn't even feel like it is a guilty pleasure just a pleasure.

John Mayer's new show idea for "My Funny Friend" could end up happening if he has his way about it. For now fans will have to wait and see if it actually becomes a reality or not. The idea of a show with John Mayer is something that a lot of fans want to see.