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John Lennon to have a 40-year-old whisky named for him in 2020

John Lennon will have a commemorative 40-year-old whisky named for him in honor of the 40th anniversary of his death in 2020.
Winston Elizabeth and Windsor cover photo

The 40th anniversary of John Lennon’s death will not be here until December 8, 2020, but an interesting project is already in the works to honor him when the date arrives. Liverpool collectibles company Winston Elizabeth and Windsor wrote the John Lennon Examiner to report that they will be bringing to market a limited edition of “John Lennon 40-year old whisky” in 2020 to mark the anniversary. Today, August 12, 2014, we got more details about the commemorative whisky from the company’s representative Amy McGrath, which will no doubt be extremely desired and collectible for fans of John Lennon.

Winston Elizabeth & Windsor wrote, “This huge project aims to be the perfect celebration of the life and works of one of the greatest musicians to ever live, and aims to have a global impact fitting of the man…It is fitting that Lennon will be honored with 40-year old whisky…We see the number 40 at the heart of this project for many reasons. Lennon was born in 1940 in the Wavertree area of Liverpool. He was tragically taken from us at the age of 40 in New York City, and the project will culminate on the 40th anniversary of his death, in 2020."

Only forty bottles will be made, at a Scotland distillery. Each will come in a black suede box, and inside will be an 18-carat gold guitar, all of which are made hand made in England. Six bottles of this Scotch whisky will be auctioned off worldwide in 2020, and it’s estimated that the bottle to be sent to New York, #40, (probably to Yoko Ono), could be the most coveted and highest priced, possibly up to $40,000. All proceeds from sales and auctions in those cities “will go to charity” they said. The six bottles in question will be sent to Liverpool (#1), Shanghai (#8), France (3 bottles) and New York, (#40) where his life tragically ended at the age of 40.

The only exception to the charity rule is one of the three bottles sent to France, in celebration of the Royal De Luxe ‘Giant Spectacular’ street theater that was brought to Liverpool recently. Amy McGrath said, "As for Jean Lu from Royal de Luxe he is the only person who will get one to drink with friends. We made this promise to him in Liverpool, and we will keep to our word. He did wonders for this city. The other 2 bottles that will also go to France must go on sale and all funds put to a good deed."

40-year old whiskey made in honor of someone’s legacy and memory is a tribute to their life. According to the “Master of Malt”, “Forty (40) Year Old Whisky is really a rare treat indeed.…very often bestowed as a 40th Birthday present as a mark of tremendous respect for the recipient…is ultra-rare, normally very complex, and incredibly mellow and supple.”

Representative Amy McGrath told us today that the whisky will be available to the general public in pre-orders this Christmas, of 2014. It won’t be exactly a stocking stuffer. “Beyond these charitable donations, the whisky will go on general sale as of this Christmas. Prices will be from $4,000 upwards. The bottles are due to go on sale around November 1, 2014, and will end on Christmas Eve."

Asked by the John Lennon Examiner if Yoko Ono would definitely receive a bottle, the answer is: “Yes Yoko will be getting one." It's not certain whether she will receive the #40 bottle to be sent to New York. But if she does, "It will go very fast," Amy said, in auction.

Inquiries about the whisky can be sent to, Amy said. "For now, this is only due to the very small run of bottles we have and also we are working on a small web-site to upload in about 3 weeks time."

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