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John Kerry says no deal with Russia today on Ukraine situation

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Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a statement during a press conference in Paris late Sunday after a four hour session with the Russian Foreign Secretary, Sergei Lavrov, led to no deal, reports the BBC this afternoon.

Kerry held with the US stand that the Russian actions in Crimea are considered to be ‘illegal and illegitimate.’ Lavrov set demands at the start of talks for a neutral and federal Ukraine.

Federalism was of great concern to the US according to Kerry and the presence of Russian troops on the Ukraine border was presenting a climate of fear and intimidation.

To which the Lavrov responded before the press: ‘We have absolutely no intention of, or interest in, crossing Ukraine's borders.’

After voters in the mainly pro-Russian Crimea responded with a large majority to leave the Ukraine, Russia has taken over most of the Ukraine’s military bases in Crimea. There were no shots fired or fights to remove Ukraine troops from the bases. They were given time to gather personal affects and leave the bases quietly without incident.

The U.N. General Assembly and Kiev have condemned the vote two weeks ago in Crimea. The Pentagon is of the belief that Russia has amassed tens of thousands of Russian troops along the border of the Ukraine.

The Russian demands were strict in guidelines. Russia wanted on Sunday agreement for a solution over the Crimean situation that the US and its European partners accept that ethnic Russian regions of Ukraine be given autonomy from Kiev. It is a country divided by Russian loyalty and Ukrainian It is a country divided by Russian loyalty and Ukrainian loyalty.

Earlier on Sunday, US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, ordered NATO supreme allied commander of Europe, General Philip Breedlove, to return to his post in Brussels from his Washington meetings. Hagel gave the reason for the immediate return of Breedlove was due to a ‘lack of transparency’ from Russia and the troop movement.

Vladimir Putin had discussed with President Obama on Friday a regional plan for Ukraine which would set apart regions. Each region would control its own economy, taxes, culture, language, and education, ‘external economic and cultural connections with neighboring countries or regions,’ according to the Putin discussion with Obama.

Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ earlier on Sunday, ‘What gives me a sense we may be able to solve the situation is that Putin did call our President and suggestions were made, and there will be a meeting (between Kerry and Lavrov).’ She added, ‘and there may well be the ability to solve this.’

There was a definite no deal delivered by Kerry today to Lavrov as the meeting ended on Sunday.

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