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John Kerry reassess Mideast peace negotiations

John Kerry looking to re-evaluate Mideast peace talks.
John Kerry looking to re-evaluate Mideast peace talks.
By Mark Wilson Getty Images

Friday, April 4, 2014 John Kerry told reporters that it appears that Mideast peace talks will need reconsiderations as negotiations and efforts hit a wall. Kerry said the United States will find other paths available to work peacefully toward a solution. Apparently Palestinian and Israeli leaders have come to a standstill, and further dialogue is needed.

John Kerry hits wall for peace negotiations in Mideast regions.
By Win McNamee Getty Images

Kerry said, we need to continue examining best paths for the Israeli-Palestinian resolution. Since being sworn into office as of February 2013 he has traveled many times to the area making the Mideast a priority. He has accomplished at least two major goals that had not been successful within the last 4 years such as the "Arab-Israeli conflict", and set "an independent Palestinian state", both achieved in less than a year of taking office.

However, Kerry's ambitions became jilted after the current peace talks halted between Palestinian and Israeli leaders, whom both accused the other of violating negotiated terms. Evidently the tipping point occurred when the Israeli government decided not to allow a "fourth group of Palestinian prisoners" to be released as previously agreed.

White House officials said they would rather take a moment to construct a new strategy than possibly igniting aggressive Palestinian "actions against Israeli occupation". Kerry told both sides "he is willing to walk away", according to the Wall Street Journal. Adding, that Israeli Prime Minister's cabinet wanted to terminate "any negotiations" with Palestine officials.

Although reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement does appear hopeful, the time remains uncertain. President Mahmoud Abbas is willing to "extend the peace negotiations beyond the deadline", but it seems further agreements need to ease Israeli Yair Lapid, a politician who has said, "no Israeli will negotiate with" President Abbas. Evidently, Israeli leaders will not release the 104 Palestine prisoners who are accused of killing Israeli citizens, although it was reported they should have been released following a promise made during the 2013 summer talks.

Kerry said it is unfortunate "that in the last few days" both sides have broken a bridge that was leading to peace. Nevertheless, Kerry's dedication to resolve such issues are not broken rather he said the U.S. will need to cautiously reconsider next steps. It has been reported that Kerry returned to Washington April 4, after attending a "bilateral strategic dialogue" meeting held at the Foreign Ministry in Rabat.

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