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John Hodge; veteran, father, husband, elder, hero

John Hodge was a hero to his son-in-law Dave Marr. Dave sent this email to his co-workers after the death of John Hodge on Monday, April 20, 2009.

I lost my father-in-law, John Hodge yesterday [April 20, 2009], after he had struggled with cancer since last January.
I didn't write his obituary, but if I did, this is what it would say...
John was a great guy, and a great Christian.
He was a veteran of WW II (very few left), who quit high school in his final year to join the Army, and he was on a ship preparing for the invasion of Japan in 1945, when Japan surrendered, and then he later served in the occupation of Japan.
John was married for 61 years, and he was a church member for all of those 61 years. He was a church elder at two different churches in his lifetime. He made 3 separate mission trips (at his own expense) to the former Soviet bloc country of Lithuania to teach Bible study.
John spent several of his later retired years teaching English and Bible study to local Asian students (on his own time).
He served on a committee at our church to check and maintain the automobiles of senior citizens (he never considered himself as a senior).
I never heard John swear or cuss, (and I spent a lot of time with him over the years, doing things that make me cuss).
Even if you knew John, you might not have known any of these things I mentioned (unless you worked beside him), because he never spoke of them.
You would have liked John, unless you wanted to talk politics, because he cared so much about this country, that he was always concerned when any of our freedoms were threatened. 
He would have made a great politician, because he was honest to a fault, and would never have considered taking advantage of anyone.
John believed in Heaven, but he clung on stubbornly at the end, knowing that this world can be a special place too, if we all work together to make it so.
Thank you for letting me tell you about John...I will miss him... and thanks to all of you who have expressed concern..

I didn't know John and most of the people who will read this didn't know him either. In the big scheme of things we might never have know that John existed. Examining the meaning of life requires examining the impact of our everyday heros. Looking at John through the eyes of his son-in-law is enough for me. Today John is also my hero.