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John Heinz Refuge: Observing marsh life

John Heinz, observing life in the marsh-slide0
Kathy Martin ( John Heinz

There’s always a diverse variety of bird and wildlife activity within the protected tidal marsh and impoundment area of John Heinz. It is especially energetic in late spring. From the boardwalk, platform and trails, visitors have ample opportunity to observe the natural delirium in awe.

Freshwater frenzy

The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum has been protecting the last freshwater tidal marsh in Pennsylvania for more than forty years. With plans to total nearly 1200 acres, this sanctuary of land, water, and marsh is vital for the diverse wildlife and birds that reside year round, as well as, vast quantity of migratory birds. Visitors to John Heinz are granted unique opportunities to observe the activities of the residents and annual migrants in this naturally beautiful haven. Observe while enjoying exercise along the trails, or watch from the observation boardwalk. Herons, Swallows, Gulls, and Geese are among the many birds that share habitat space with turtles, fish and other marsh loving wildlife. To witness, in a single visit, the energy of such a diverse group of marsh birds and wildlife, is a truly rare and natural delight.

Choose a guided tour or one of many workshop activities offered at John Heinz, or simply utilize the educational materials and resources provided for visitors in pamphlet and trail-side formats. There may also be an enthusiastic observer nearby, ready to help you identify a species. The many birds and wildlife that live and feed in these marsh waters of John Heinz never disappoints young and old, novice and expert. It’s time to witness marsh life in all of its water season splendor.

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