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John Heffron in Cincinnati

Comedian John Heffron
Comedian John Heffron
John Heffron

Stand-up comedy was a good career path for John Heffron. "Until recently," he laughs. "Now I guess I have to work at it." Since winning the second season of NBC's Last Comic Standing, the Detroit-area native has never been busier. In an odd twist, he was deposed a few weeks later on a "surprise" third season of the show, which was won by Alonzo Bodden, who was and remains a close friend. "To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of doing a third season," Heffron explains, "because I was only ‘Last Comic’ for two weeks and I would joke that even the prom queen gets to be queen for a year."

At first he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do the show in the first place. “I auditioned for it, not on a whim,” he recalls. “But I really wasn’t going in there gung ho. The time was inconvenient for me to go audition for it. I had to change flights, but it obviously worked out.”

After season three, Heffron soldiered on. He continues to pack comedy clubs across North America, oversee distribution of the That Guy! card game that he invented with fellow comic/producer Joel Zimmer, and work on his development deal with NBC, which oddly, still hasn’t produced a program.

"I’ve had a couple meetings. I mean they don’t just give you a show. It’s this huge process. They have to line you up with writers. (The writers) have to create a show, and they have to pitch that. Then (NBC) decides if they want see a written pilot, and then, if they like that, they have to decide if they want to shoot this pilot. It’s a pretty long process."

John Heffron perfoms at The Funny Bone on the Levee Friday January 15 throigh Sunday January 17