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John Green on TFiOS movie? ("Subtle" hints dropped by the writer)

Tuesday Jan. 14 saw John Green's end of the famous "Vlogbrothers" video blog in which he subtle discusses a movie he saw in LA which will be releasing June 6th.

The cover of The Fault In Our Stars novel has inspired a great of many works based on the book. If you know the artist behind this particular, let us know in the comments so we can give them the credit they deserve!
Original art/cover design by Rodrigo Corral. (Inspired design artist unknown)

While he wasn't able to "drop-the-ball" so to speak on his TFiOS movie viewing, what hints he gave us were that it was a movie that releases on June 6th, he loved it, and had to go to LA to see it, as well as urging us (the viewers) to read The Fault In Our Stars, the novel the film is based on (and not the other way around) about a young teenage girl named Hazel Grace who is a cancer survivor, and her unlikely romance to a fellow survivor Augustus Waters. Trust me, it's way better than what my poor skills at describing can deliver.

John let us know that he loved the film viewing, which, if truly TFiOS (and we're pretty sure), it means that you should get even more excited if you weren't already.

Make sure to read The Fault In Our Stars before you see the movie (or don't, I'm a writer not a dictator), to compare and contrast the differences between the film and the novel. Either way, without giving too many spoilers away, you will probably feel things even after reading the book and then seeing the movie or vice versa. John Green is a master wordsmith as Josh Boone is a great new director, so both mediums are sure to impress.

For anyone not familiar with the Vlogbrothers, you probably should be. What started out as two brother's mission to reconnect as family by posting daily videos back and forth, evolved into a global internet audience known as Nerdfighters (which I am proud to say I've been apart of for 2 years now).

The Nerdfighters are much more than just a cult following, they support and bolster charity organizations to "decrease world suck" through an annual IndieGoGo fund raising event called "The Project For Awesome" which this year alone raised over $700,000 for 20 charities with enough still allocated to ship perks to the people who contributed.

In addition to being incredibly entertaining, they're also really informative, having started Crash Course, a free online History and Chemistry class designed to create a better informed community of viewers, and SciShow by John's brother Hank, which discusses science news and awesome things of that element, to name a few.

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