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John Garcia releases 'Her Bullets Energy' featuring Robby Krieger

Stoner rocker John Garcia wrote the song “Her Bullets Energy” when he was 19 years old and it’s appearing on his new self titled solo album that is coming out August 5, 2014. As previously reported “Her Bullets Energy” features Robby Krieger bringing some of his flamenco inflected guitar work to the song.

Robby Krieger plays his flamenco style guitar work on John Garcia's new album out August 5th.
photo: Napalm Records website

Garcia reports in Rolling Stone that he got together with Krieger by happenstance. Garcia’s producer Harper Hug was also working on the building of Krieger’s new studio “Horse Latitudes” and when Hug heard “Her Bullets Energy” he suggested both a flamenco guitar approach to the song and Krieger as the guitar player! Garcia was stunned but when Hug played Krieger the song he was willing to play on it, and it became the first song recorded at “Horse Latitudes.”

“Her Bullets Energy” sounds different from any other of the songs on Garcia’s album. Garcia has more of a heavy metal approach to rock ‘n’ roll, as you can hear in the video “My Mind” (see video above this article) which is the first song on the album and is more representative of Garcia’s sound than “Her Bullets Energy” which you can hear at Rolling Stone. Garcia’s comes out August 5 and is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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