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John Fannon from the band New England

A recent solo recording and many Boston dates.
A recent solo recording and many Boston dates.
Provided by the artist.

John Fannon is the former singer, songwriter, guitarist and co producer of the classic rock band New England. Their hit song, "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" was a worldwide Top 40 hit in 1979.

John Fannon of the band New England
Provided by the band.

During those years John worked with many superstars in music, including the late Producer/Engineer Mike Stone of Queen, Asia and Journey fame, Todd Rundgren and Paul Stanley of KISS.

Recently, Fannon wrote, performed, produced and engineered his first solo album “Saved All The Pieces” which he recorded in his recording studio, The Explorer Suite, just outside of Boston.

Examiner: Can you tell our readers about your years in your band New England?

Fannon: "The New England years are all great memories. We recorded at some of the best studios in the world in Los Angeles, New York, London and Boston and worked with great producers such as Mike Stone, Todd Rundgren and Paul Stanley. We played in almost every major arena in the United States and Canada. Our single "Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya" was was a top 40 hit and second most played song on AOR radio in the summer of 1979. The national tour we did with Kiss was the foundation of tens of thousands of loyal fans who still recall those shows with greatness. Some of my most memorable shows were at The Montreal Forum, Madison Square Garden, and playing to 60,000 people at The Pontiac Silver Dome with Cheap Trick and Kiss. We were living our dream."

Examiner: I understand that you had been working on a solo project and have a new recording. Can you tell us about that?

Fannon: "My solo project had been on my radar for many years. Finding the time to do it was always the challenge. A couple of years ago I started performing solo on stage and the passion for playing live was re-ignited after my first show at The Amazing Things Arts Center. Fans came from all over the Northeast and as far as Montreal. I was blown away by the response. My next performance was at Club Passim in Cambridge and a fan came from Tokyo to see the show. Now the motivation and passion was in full blaze and I began working on my first solo album. The title “Saved All The Pieces” came from how I was feeling as I started writing. The “Pieces” being my roots, influences and emotions that I had experienced through my life. The songs are personal or personal observations of the world around me. The production is crafted in a way that the songs can translate to my live show, which is usually just me on stage with a lot of guitars, keyboards, technology, lights and videos."

Examiner: Out of the people whom you've worked with (famous or not) who has been the biggest inspiration for your own work?

Fannon: "I have had the honor to work with some great talents in music. The late Mike Stone of Queen, Journey and Asia fame, who was a close friend. Todd Rundgren, probably had the greatest influence on me as a producer. How I use the studio as an integral part of the creative process. I love working alone….The studio is the perfect environment for me. There are no defining barriers between producing, arranging, writing… It all gets rolled into the record making process. The musical influences are certainly The Beatles, a touch of Pink Floyd and Moody Blues, a little U2 and I am sure there are others."

Examiner: What do you want people to know about you?

Fannon: "After all these years I still get up everyday with the same enthusiasm and passion for music as I did when I picked up my first guitar at age 15. I am a perfectionist and always want to be better."

Examiner: What is something that you have never told anyone about yourself?

Fannon: "We(New England) were playing at The Ritz in New York City and after the show I was walking toward the bar and this gentleman was waving at me signaling me to come over. As I got closer I could see that it was Miles Davis. I was in awe. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “ Son, I like the way you play. You know the meaning and importance of one note. You make every note special. That is very tasty.” That moment for me has been frozen in time for over 30 years."

Examiner: Upcoming dates and recordings?

Fannon: "My next show is at The Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham on March 1, 2014 at 8:00pm. We are giving away a free copy of my new CD “Saved All The Pieces” to the first 50 people who come through the door. I am also playing at Club Passim in Cambridge, June 6, 2014 at 8:00pm. I am in the creative stage for my new video and this summer I hope to begin work on a new album."

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