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John Elway's son arrested: Son Jack arrested alleged assault, disturbing peace

John Elway has some off the field distractions to deal with.
John Elway has some off the field distractions to deal with.
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

John Elway's son has been arrested. Jack Elway was arrested on charges of assault and disturbing the peace according to an ESPN report on June 1. The 24 year-old son of the legendary Broncos quarterback was booked early Saturday morning for an incident that occurred near a college campus in downtown Denver. Reports also indicate that Elway was released on a $550 bond.

Jack Elway graduated high school in 2008 and graduated from Arizona State University in 2011 according to a Denver Post report. However, right now the son of the Broncos GM is earning a bit of infamy for the wrong reasons.

Elway had dreams of being a star QB at ASU and possibly playing in the NFL, and growing up with a father who was one of the best in the game it seemed like Jack could be on the path for stardom. However, Elway decided to leave the ASU football team in April 2009. Elway was one of five quarterbacks competing for the starting quarterback job back then, but from what ASU head coach said it wasn't the competition that made Elway walk away, but more of a lack of interest in the game.

"He's just tired of football and wants to do something else with his life," ASU coach Dennis Erickson said at the time. "He made a decision, and we all understand it. He would have played here eventually."

Right now football is most likely the last thing on John Elway's mind. Just getting this mess straightened out and hopefully getting his son on the right track is the number one issue.

Not much other information has been made available about this case and who made the alleged charges against Elway, except that the alleged victim is a woman and she contacted the Auraria Campus Police Department with the complaint.

"This is a personal family matter, and the Broncos will not have any additional comment on it," the team said through a spokesperson.

Denver won the AFC Championship last season before losing to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. With all the off season moves the Broncos have made so far they are once again favored to head back to the Super Bowl this season.

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