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John Edwards, charged in felony indictment

John Edwards, charged in felony indictment

John Edwards, charged in felony indictment
John Edwards, charged in felony indictment
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John Edwards charged in felony indictment
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San Francisco residents are waking up to the top news that John Edwards, the two-time presidential candidate has been charged by a Federal Grand Jury.

According to San Francisco's local news station, ABC 7 News, the reason was because of the huge amounts of money Edwards spent to keep his mistress hidden while he was in the middle of his 2008 campaign for the White House.

Campaign donations, it has been alleged, were used to keep Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter out of the public eye. John Edwards had originally denied being the father of her baby, but later admitted it.

According to KTVU Channel 2 News: the attorney for Edwards, Greg Craig, has reported that his client "has done wrong in his life -- and he knows it better than anyone -- but he did not break the law." Craig said the government's theory of the Edwards' case "is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law."

John Edwards could be indicted within days, says ABC 7 News.

The action is the final culmination of a huge federal investigation that took more than two years to complete. It searched through ever aspect of John Edwards' political career.

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards died after a long struggle with breast cancer (See articles below, with photos and video)

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