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John Edwards buys home in Charlotte

John Edwards remains committed to his wife, while his former mistress, Rielle Huunter, moves closer.
John Edwards remains committed to his wife, while his former mistress, Rielle Huunter, moves closer.
Photo: AP/ Lienemann

       Celebrity gossip is hard to come by in the Charlotte area, but our areas closest celebrity, John Edwards, has made the headlines once again. Numerous media outlets have been reporting for several weeks that John Edwards’ former mistress, Rielle Hunter had been real estate shopping in the Charlotte area.

At first, a news station in Raleigh reported on Dec. 8 that Hunter and her child, the alleged love child with Edwards, were looking at homes to rent in Wilmington. According to the report, Hunter backed out of the deal when the National Enquirer broke the story of her moving to the city to be closer to Edwards’ beach house on Figure Eight Island.

The Enquirer is now reporting in its Dec 21 issue that Edwards has, in fact, bought a house in the Mecklenburg area. John and his wife of 32 years, Elizabeth, live in a 28,000-square mansion near Chapel Hill. Hunter and her daughter were supposed to move in the first week of December, but the house has remained empty after a disagreement over financial aide. According to the latest Enquirer article, Edwards backed out of an arrangement to lease the Charlotte home to Hunter after she asked him nearly $18,000 per month in child support. Whether the child is Edwards’ is still unknown, but do all men buy homes for their former mistresses? Evidently, Edwards knows more than he is leading the public to believe?

The Enquirer is known for breaking Edwards news. In late 2007, the paper was the first to report that Edwards had an affair with a campaign worker, later revealed to be Hunter, a filmmaker hired to produce YouTube videos for Edwards’ 2008 presidential campaign.

Edwards has admitted to having an affair with Hunter, but not to fathering the child. At the time, Edwards’ campaign aide Andrew Young said he was the father, but later retracted that claim. The result of a paternity test, if ever performed, has not been released.

Edwards is also in the spot light as a new investigation begins. A federal grand jury in Raleigh is investigating whether the former presidential candidate used some of his campaign funds to support Hunter, which is against the law.


  • Paula 5 years ago

    Hunter sold the tabloid the papers in which she's demanding $18k/month. The monthly "expenses" she wants Edwards to cover are: $3,000 mortgage, $400 gas/electric, $75 water/sewer, $50 snow removal, $100 lawn care, $500 maintenance, $100 phone, $160 cell phone, $100 cable tv, $575 auto insurance/registration/maintenance/gas/oil/etc., $1,000 food at home and household supplies, $300 non-prescription drugs/cosmetics/etc., $800 restaurants, $600 clothing, $100 dry cleaning, $250 hair care, $400 domestic help, $300 medical, $30 eye care, $150 dental, $800 medical insurance, $400 club dues and memberships, $300 sports and hobbies, $300 camps, $800 vacations, $1,500 private preschool, $320 child's lessons, $2,100 babysitting, $500 entertainment, $100 alcohol and tobacco, $75 newspapers and periodicals, $400 gifts, $25 professional expenses, $1,200 security guards, $100 birthday parties.

    So she expects Edwards to not only pay for the child but for all of her expenses?

  • Paula 5 years ago

    Someone needs to explain to her that wives get support not mistresses. The only thing Edwards owes is support for the kid not for her. (She'd better not claim she needs $100 for alcohol and tobacco for a toddler.)

    If anyone ever doubted what a gold digger she is, this is absolute proof. By making it public, she's guaranteed she'll end up with less than was being offered. Stupid and ugly!

  • Liesl 5 years ago

    Thanks for the rundown Paula! Hopefully any court will explain to "The Hunter" that she needs to get a job to pay her own way. After all, Edwards didn't make the kid by himself. She spread her legs and didn't protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy. (Okay, she probably planned the pregnancy.) She should not only pay for herself but for a portion of the child's needs.

    Instead, she's going to teach her child the same lesson she learned at the knee of her horse-killing for the insurance father - lie, cheat, steal and scam instead of earning an honest living. Maybe she's the worthless tramp she is today because of those lessons she learned so well!

  • Alan 5 years ago

    People of Charlotte: deadbolt your doors, lock your windows, protect your children, women - guard your husbands! This monster may move into your neighborhood. Warn everyone if you sight the creature! (If you can safely take pix or video, you can sell it for big bucks.) But run away as quickly as you can averting your eyes because it is dangerous as well as hideous looking.

  • GG 5 years ago

    Too funny Alan!

    Scientific studies has revealed this creature prefers to come out at night. The predator's favorite habitat is the sidewalk in front of hotels where it stalks males. The warning of an attack (like a skunk raising its tail before spraying) is its utterance "You are so hot." Once it does latch onto the male, it won't let go. Like a leech, it will bleed any victim dry. It is also known to destroy anyone or anything that gets in its path as it stalks its prey. If it gets you in its sights, one known defense is to push it in front of cameras - one of only two things it is known to love. (The other is money but if you throw money at it, it will stay after you forever.)

  • VWbugfan 5 years ago

    Another recent article about the house included this gem . . .
    "Hunter, reached by the Observer last week on her cell phone, declined to discuss the matter. 'I don't speak to the media, and that comment was off the record,' she said. 'Thank you for calling and have a great day.'"

    Shouldn't she have said she doesn't speak to the media until the check they give her clears? What a worthless piece of "spit" she is. (I'm glad I don't live in Charlotte.)

  • Paula 5 years ago

    Oh, and the papers show she calls the kid Quinn (her middle name) which supposedly means five because she is Edwards 5th kid. (At least the 5th known about.) Why didn't she just name her "Meal Ticket" and be done with it? Like the kid won't search the internet someday and read about how mom brought up the topic of abortion but dad wouldn't hear of it even though he then spent years denying her. The list of anticipated expenses should include years of extensive therapy to deal with the train wreck of a life her parents created.

  • guest 5 years ago

    Elizabeth must be loving Hunter exposing her true money grubbing nature to the world! Actually, Elizabeth is probably laughing all the way to the bank because Elizabeth actually earns a living which she has probably legally protected from her scumbag husband. That's more than Johnny boy or slutty girl can say - neither one has any prospect for a job.

  • Billy 5 years ago

    My favorite part of an article:
    Neighbors on the 1600 block of Providence Road where the home was bought were mixed about the possibility of Hunter moving in. Many had already heard the news. One gentleman heard she might be moving in at Church this past Sunday, while another was told by the owners who sold the house and to keep it quiet. One unnamed gentleman upon hearing the news said, "Oh, really. Good, I'm single, she's single, I look forward to meeting her."
    Still another woman said, "steer clear of me, please, I've got enough drama in my life."

    I don't know if I should laugh at the guy who wants to meet her or cry that any man is so desperate as to want to hook up with a horse-faced tramp as Hunter. I guess he'll "get" what he deserves if he does. (Can that be treated with a cream or is a shot needed?)

  • Hunt Rielle 5 years ago

    Let's be honest about Hunter. She is the lowest sort of woman who preys on married men. (I'm sure it is due to her psychological deficiencies but that's her problem not something the rest of society should pay for.) She'd be more respectable if she were a prostitute instead of a home wrecker. Of course no man would agree to pay for her up front so she schemes to get money from them after. Regardless of how much money she may get, she will forever be known as for what she is. A recent Gossip Girl recap included the tidbit "acting like a teenage Rielle Hunter" to describe a character. What a pathetic legacy to have and put on her child.

  • Fandango 5 years ago

    C'mon people! John Edwards and his penis could've said, "No." It's not all the slut's fault. The man-ho had somethig to say about his participation in this situation, too. He was thinking with the wrong head and it got him into terrible trouble.

  • Shannon 5 years ago

    Edwards was stupid beyond belief; however, Hunter is evil incarnate. Hunter is the one trying to build a life off her innocent child. Edwards did offer her a 1/2 mil plus home and more money than Hunter ever earned in her life. All of that wasn't enough for Hunter so she continues to sell out her kid to the tabloids.

    Edwards got "caught" but Hunter set the trap.

  • sportsnut 5 years ago

    Hunter's family and friends must be so proud to be close to the woman who wants to be the most expensive "f*@#" in history.

  • TK 5 years ago

    someone should call child services if she needs $400/month for non-prescription drugs, alcohol & tobacco. $250/month for hair care? $400/month for club dues & memberships? $2900/month for restaurants, vacations, sports, hobbies, entertainment, gifts? $600/month for clothing? i thought prostitution was illegal.

  • LaughRiot 5 years ago

    Hunter likes to change her name. Why doesn't she go all out and become "Bang Me"? It would be more efficient when she meets men and introduces herself to not waste time giving a separate name, too.

  • Shawn 5 years ago

    Betcha this chick drives by 1611 Providence Road every day dreaming about moving into the expensive house she "earned" on her back. Can she be more of a loser?

  • Ann 5 years ago

    Hey Cooze Rielle,
    You wanted John to screw you. Well he's going to screw you big time in court. How does that feel?
    Remember you asked for it.

  • Tricia 5 years ago

    TK, Prostitution is illegal that's why Hunter is just a plain old (old and ugly) whore. The only good thing about this entire mess is that now the whole world knows it. Read the book based on her life and the interviews she gave about it before she ever met Edwards. You'll see this is the pattern she has consistently repeated. She should just have "cooze" tattooed across her face.

    This used up, worthless excuse for a human being so go away never to be seen or heard from again.

  • Angela 5 years ago

    Yes, this evil slut should disappear. The world would be a better place without her in it!

  • kayster 5 years ago

    If you guys think Rielle is ugly (which personally I think she is a nice looking female) then what the heck do you call Elizabeth Edwards...hag looking? I certainly don't think it right to cheat on your spouse but let's be real here, Elizabeth Edwards makes Rielle Hunter look like a world class beauty queen.

  • blogster 5 years ago

    kayster - Look at that picture of Hunter. She looks like a horse! If you think she's a beauty queen, go for her. She's single. Hide your wallet first. You may want to bang her but you wouldn't want to spend your life with such a snake.

    Hunter claims to be in her 40s which leads one to question her ability to count beyond 20 after she's taken her shoes off. Maybe it's that she wears all her years of sex, drugs and whatever else on her face.

    Elizabeth is as beautiful outside as she is inside. Maybe she isn't an anorexic 5' 10" model with natural blonde hair (neither is Hunter) but she is real and has intelligence, warmth, compassion, wit, etc.

  • Genevieve 5 years ago

    The "real" Hunter is a woman with no talent beyond what she does on her back. She has accomplished nothing of substance in her miserable life. She is completely without values or morals. She deserves every bit of the scorn being heaped on her not only for what she's done in pursuing a married man but for what she is doing in using a child as a means of supporting herself. Shameless and disgusting!

  • Louisa 5 years ago

    Hunter's not a horse. Look at the picture and the headband. She's a zebra . . . an exotic whor(s)e.

  • Go 'Heels! 5 years ago

    Some good questions about these annual expenses for Hunter.
    $600 for snow removal in NC?
    $1,200 lawn care because she can't ride a mower?
    $1,200 land line phone, $1,200 cable tv because she can't shop for cheaper options?
    $6,900 maintenance on a paid for car?
    $12,000 food at home, $9,600 restaurants - how much does she eat?
    $3,600 non-prescription drugs - what is she taking? (Where is her monthly cocaine habit expense listed?)
    $7,200 clothing, $1,200 dry cleaning, $3,000 hair care $4,800 domestic help, $25,200 babysitting, $18,000 private preschool for someone without a job?
    $15,360 medical/dental because she can't get a job with benefits?
    $4,800 club dues/memberships, $3,600 sports/hobbies, $3,600 camps, $9,600 vacations, $3,840 child's lessons, $6,000 entertainment - to live like a Rockefeller?
    $4,800 gifts and $1,200 birthday parties for whom?
    $1,920 cell phone and $1,200 alcohol and tobacco for a toddler?
    $1,200 security guards to protect her from the tabloids

  • Elle 5 years ago

    Those expenses are outrageous. Elizabeth's children attend public not private schools. Elizabeth has spoken about shopping at Target. I'm sure the expenses for both her two children at home don't come close to what Hunter is asking for one toddler. And Elizabeth would NEVER give her young children alcohol or tobacco.

    Hunter's request proves she is not fit to be a parent. Her "leaking" these confidential documents prove what an idiot she is because they show what a money-grubbing cooze she is.

  • Deb 5 years ago

    Hunter is a whore for sex, money and "fame". That's all she is or ever will be.

  • Charlotte Mom 5 years ago

    To Rielle Hunter: We do NOT want you in our community, our neighborhood, our children's schools, our social and civic organizations. We do NOT want to encounter you in our stores and restaurants or on our streets. In summary, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE and we will make sure you know that every minute of every day. If you choose to try to make Charlotte your home, you cannot say you weren't warned of the consequences. Stay Away!