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John Edward's sex tape

The once loyal campaign aide to John Edwards, Andrew Young, is not keeping anymore secrets.
The once loyal campaign aide to John Edwards, Andrew Young, is not keeping anymore secrets.
Photo: AP

     Rielle Hunter, ex-mistress of John Edwards and mother of their love child, has obtained a court order to get their sex tape back. Hunter is demanding that former aide to Edwards, Andrew Young, turn over videotapes and photos that Hunter claims belong to her.

Young, however, claims in his tell-all book, “The Politician,” that he found the sex tape inside a "box of trash" that Hunter left behind at a home he rented for her. Hunter said she pulled out the tape from the cassette and stored it in a box with personal belongings. According to the Associated Press, Young says that the tape had been pulled out of its cassette casing, but that he was able to fix it.

Hunter has now been granted a temporary restraining order against Young in a North Carolina court. Maj. Charles Blackwood, a spokesman for the Orange County, NC Sheriff’s Office, told CBS News that the restraining order “speaks to video recordings and photographs that depict matters of a private and personal matter.”

Hunter wrote in an affidavit filed Thursday, "In or about September 2006, using my video camera, I authored a personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature." She added, “In 2006, I was also having an intimate relationship with Edwards."

CBS reported that Young refused to give the tapes and photos to authorities earlier this week.

On Feb. 1 Young will be featured in his first live interview with George Stephanopulos on “Good Morning America.” This past Friday, he spoke exclusively with Bob Woodruff in a special edition of “20/20” titled “The Secret.”

Is Young just looking for his 15 minutes of fame or does he feel the “real” John Edwards should be known?

According to the AP, Attorneys for Edwards said in a statement Friday that they have not had an opportunity to read the book but urged "extreme caution" about it. The lawyers, Wade Smith and James Cooney III, said it's obvious from media reports that "there are many allegations which are simply false."

It seems the game of “he said, he said,” will continue a little longer.


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