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John Durant explains how you can lose weight with low carb Paleo diet

Curious about whether a Paleo diet might solve your weight loss struggles? We interviewed an expert, John Durant, author of "The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health" (click for details).

Although Paleo plans are low carb diets, John notes that some dieters consume moderate amounts of carbohydrates on the plan, while others choose a ketogenic diet approach.

For those who want to try the Paleo diet for weight loss, John offers these tips:

  • Don't be afraid of fat. Many people reduce their carb intake but don't increase their fat intake, leaving them feeling hungry. Eat avocado, coconut, and animal fat. Cook in coconut oil, animal fat, or olive oil.
  • Try it for a month. Take it seriously for a month and avoid grains, legumes, and dairy. After a month, you can experiment with adding back in more foods -- and it'll be easier to feel which foods give you problems and which don't.
  • Cook with whole foods. Don't believe all the health claims on the labels of packaged foods.

John's newest project is hosting PaleoCon, which is a Web summit featuring leaders of the Paleo diet movement, CrossFit athletes, chefs and even a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Among the experts featured at PaleoCon:

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