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John Densmore on Paris radio and back to America

John Densmore will appear at the Bull Moose on June 3rd.
Bull Moose promotional

We’ve got some John Densmore European tour ends to tie up and a new book signing in the U.S.

Before Densmore left Paris he recorded a three radio show with Georges Lang of RTL. RTL broadcast the full interview overnight on May 7th. They have put up the full three hour radio show in three parts, unfortunately we cannot excerpt the interview or embed it but if you would like to listen to the program go to Les Nocturnes with Georges Lang. I haven’t had time to listen to the full three hours but it is a pretty incisive interview (the length of the interview practically demands it) and it filled with Doors music. While Georges Lang’s questions are in French Densmore answers in English and from the context of the answer you can tell what the question was.

After Densmore left Paris he headed for Perugia, Italy and the Alive Festival. Densmore has put up a tour diary of his time in Italy that includes pictures.

New on Densmore’s itinerary is a record signing at the Bull Moose record store at 151 Maine Street in Brunswick, Maine on June 3rd at 7pm. The Bull Moose is the record store that started Record Store Day and the stores where Densmore kicked off his book tour for “The Doors Unhinged” in April of last year. For more information visit the Bull Moose blog.

Densmore will also be appearing this evening (May 15) at the Bunche Center at UCLA for their Author’s series.

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