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John Densmore at the Alive Music Festival

We all can’t make all of the appearances the surviving members of The Doors make but via videos and the internet we can put together a report of what happened. Doors drummer, John Densmore was at the Alive Music Festival in Perugia, Italy April 24.

John Densmore appeared at "The Jim Morrison Legacy" in Perugia, Italy.
Alive Festival promo

Densmore took part in a part of the festival titled “The Jim Morrison Legacy.” Densmore’s program included reading from both of his books “Riders on the Storm” and “The Doors Unhinged,” as well as telling The Doors story while illustrating it with a drumming accompaniment (see video above). Densmore also read his letter to Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger that was in the final chapter of “The Doors Unhinged” and both he and the audience were visibly moved. Densmore also participated with the group Collettivo Ginsberg who performed The Doors theatre piece, “Celebration of the Lizard” in Italian.

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