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John Cornyn: Just another status quo pol

John Cornyn, the Republican Senior US Senator from Texas, is running for reelection yet again in 2014.

While some oddly accuse Libertarians of being far right conservatives the Texas LP has little love for conservative Sen. John Cornyn.
Cornyn: Win McNamee/Getty Images; LP candidates: Texas LP

Libertarian Party candidates vying to run against him are Jon Roland of Austin and two others from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Rebecca paddock and Tanuja Paruchuri.

When Cornyn's recent campaign ad called President Barack Obama "Astonishingly Liberal" nearly every libertarian and conservative and even many Democratic Party supporters likely agreed.

About the only ones who won't agree are the true "Astonishingly Liberal" progressives on the far hardcore Marxist political left who dislike Obama because he just isn't liberal enough.

But when Cornyn's ad says "He stands up to Obama every day" libertarians will part company with those others following a loud guffaw.

Cornyn, like virtually every other sitting politician in Washington DC, is a deeply committed, securely plugged-in supporter of the One Party status quo.

Cornyn is as unlikely to care about anyone or anything other than retaining his grip on taxpayer pelf, personal power, perks, privileges, pork, patronage and payoffs as any other political opportunist who labels himself as a Republican or Democrat.

Like all career mainstream professional politicians Cornyn "cares" about "the people" only so far as he can get what he wants from us: votes and campaign donations.

Notice that "principles" wasn't one of the P words paraded in the previous paragraph.

While the mainstream status quo media continually try to characterize libertarians as a wing of the Republican Party there's little for the Libertarian Partiers to like about the self-described conservative Cornyn.

The only previous times Dallas Libertarian Examiner bothered to mention the Senator was to note that he voted for TARP, the criminal government's $700 billion taxpayer ripoff to bail out their criminal cronies in the financial industries, and his support for the multibillionaire TransCanada corporatists to ram their Keystone Pipeline across his fellow Texan's private property because it means big bucks for the status quo corporatists, banksters and politicians like himself.

And his ad laughingly proclaims "John Cornyn's for us. For Texans."

Voting for Libertarians is the only possible way to change the criminal status quo.

Arguing whether you want Democrats or Republicans to run your life is like arguing whether you want the Bonanno or the Gambino Mafia crime family to run your life.

When you vote for a Status Quo mainstream political party it's like voting for the Republicanno or Democratti Government Mafia crime families.

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