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John Cisna loses 35 pounds eating McDonald’s? Man details diet on ‘Today’

John Cisna is surprising the world when he talks about his diet including McDonald’s. The teacher was on the Today show Monday talking to Matt Lauer and sharing with the viewers how he manage to lose all the weight. In what was a gripping segment, Cisna offered advice on how he lost weight while only eating at the popular food chain for 30 days.

Apparently John Cisna shared he followed a 2,000 calorie diet and stayed within the daily recommended allowances for carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and fat. He also exercised 45 minutes a day by walking swiftly. Being that he was a school teacher, he had his students help pick out what he was going to eat as well, so they could also watch the diet experience and weigh in on his choices.

“If I had gotten any bigger, I’d probably have to avoid harpoons,” said John Cisna on the Today show during the interview Monday. He admitted to Matt Lauer that he was barely able to exercise when he started the diet.

What gave John Cisna the idea to eat only at McDonalds? Well Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary, Super Size Me. Cisna suggested that the film was “irresponsible journalism” because it didn't teach kids choices. And the teacher from Iowa proved that good choices definitely make a difference, especially if the decision is what to eat for lunch.

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