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John Cena replaces Seth Rollins in The Shield

According to a June 9 post from Bleacher Report, John Cena suffered a gruesome eye injury during a match against Bray Wyatt this week at a WWE house show, which is why the WWE Universe was so surprised that he showed up at WWE Monday Night Raw to align himself with The Shield. Cena, 37, appears to have replaced Seth Rollins in The Shield, joining forces with the tag-team of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

John Cena replaced Seth Rollins in The Shield
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The table was set for Cena to join The Shield when Triple H announced that Ambrose and Reigns would go up against Bray Wyatt and the rest of the Wyatt family in the WWE Monday Night Raw headliner. If Reigns and Ambrose didn't find a third man to partner up with, The Shield would have been at a severe disadvantage in the bout. The Wyatt Family consists of three men, so Ambrose and Reigns didn't want to be at a one-man disadvantage heading in.

The "new" Shield, which features Cena, Ambrose and Reigns, could have a long, healthy shelf life. They looked great together during their match against The Shield, effortlessly working techniques that drew applause from the crowd. Of course, Cena, Ambrose and Reigns walked away from WWE Monday Night Raw with their hands raised, thus creating the WWE's hottest new tag-team supergroup.

There's a lot the WWE could do with this new angle. Cena has been feuding with The Wyatt Family for months now, so it should be a seamless transition for him to join a tag-team such as The Shield. Cena, Ambrose and Reigns makes for a great three-on-three for bouts against The Wyatt Family. Will the partnership between Cena and The Shield last, or was it just a one-night gig? Time will tell how the situation pans out.

In all likelihood, WWE Universe will determine what happens with The Shield in the weeks and months ahead. If Cena's alliance with The Shield gets over with the fans, then the WWE will probably keep it going. If not, the WWE could always go back to the two-man team of Ambrose and Reigns. As for Rollins, the former Shield member, the WWE will likely save a clash between him and his former mates for an upcoming pay-per-view card.

The WWE is going to build a feud between Rollins and the remaining Shield members for at least a few more months, perhaps until this summer's SummerSlam special event. There's no way the WWE wastes a Rollins vs. Ambrose match on one of the promotion's regular house shows or "Smackdown" taping. Some fans might not like that Cena is now part of The Shield.

Unfortunately, the WWE didn't have many other legitimate options. CM Punk would have made for a fine choice, but he has been retired for over six months. Elsewhere, Daniel Bryan does his best work as a singles superstar, and the rest of the top superstars are all in the Evolution supergroup. Cena's allegiance with The Shield is simply best for business.

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