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John Cena: Knee injury on 'Raw' is a complete work, not real

John Cena suffered a knee injury on "Raw," but not really.

Superstar John Cena suffered a knee injury on WWE "Monday Night Raw" on Feb. 24, 2014, as the Wyatt Family came down to the ring for a beatdown. Many are wondering exactly what happened to Cena as he clutched his knee the whole segment, but everyone is curious if it is a legitimate problem or just a part of the whole show, according to PWTorch.

The Wyatt Family surrounded the ring as Cena was giving a promo, and they ended up jumping him, but that's when things appeared to go weird.

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As the Wyatts attacked Cena, Erick Rowan grabbed Cena's left knee and everyone fell awkwardly. Cena immediately grabbed his knee and kept clutching it as the Wyatts let up on the beating a little bit, and the whole segment had strange pauses.

A picture has been passed around that Cena has a giant knot on his left knee and he was even removed from the ring on a stretcher. WWE reported that he would have an MRI soon.

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The Torch reports that the entire thing is a work and that Cena is not really injured. They stated that all sources have confirmed it is not a legitimate knee injury.

This is a total set-up for their eventual match at "WrestleMania XXX." You can be sure that this is going to play in the storyline up until their match.

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