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John Carpenter's 'The Thing' gets a prequel

In 1982, director John Carpenter brought us his vision of the 1951 classic, The Thing from Another World, when he released The Thing, staring Kurt Russel. It was gritty, bloody, and downright frightful for its time. Fast forward to Hollywood, 2010, where various horror franchises like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and others are getting a make-over, and you'll now see John Carpenter's The Thing among them.

John Carpenter's 'The Thing' DVD cover

Although there is no cast and John Carpenter is not attached, the date is set for this spring to begin filming The Thing prequel. First-time feature film director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., who comes from the world of music videos, will be directing a script by Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) and Eric Heisserer (A Nightmare on Elm Street remake).

Being shot in Toronto, Canada, The Thing prequel will focus on the what happened to the original Norwegian base, before MacReady (Kurt Russel) and his crew arrived to find a shape-shifting alien with the ability to take the form of those it kills.

While the trend in Hollywood as of late has been to reboot old franchises by remaking them (thanks Platinum Dunes), it's interesting that The Thing is getting a prequel, rather than a make-over. If it does well at the box office, perhaps that will open the door to a straight remake of the Carpenter classic. Win or lose though, it will certainly be interesting to see how this one plays out, with Moore being the only shining light attached at this point, since Heiserer's writing talents won't see the light of day until A Nightmare on Elm Street is released on April 30th, and no one knows if Heijningen Jr. can even direct traffic at this point.

Look for The Thing prequel to hit theaters in 2011.


  • Chris Bowsman 5 years ago

    Whether it's any good or not, I'm glad they're not remaking The Thing. That movie is awesome, and in no way in need of remaking.

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