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John Calipari chose the University of Kentucky over the Cleveland Cavaliers

Sources confirmed today that John Calipari was very close to coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers
Sources confirmed today that John Calipari was very close to coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers got some bad news today, Monday, June 9, as a report just broke that showed the University of Kentucky's Head Basketball Coach, John Calipari, rejected a $60 million deal with the Cavs' to stay with the Wildcats for less money.

Sources close to the Cavaliers' organization confirmed to Yahoo! Sports today that Calipari had "seriously considered" a multi-million dollar contract that would have made the 55-year-old Head Coach and President of the team.

Calipari had been a name mentioned among many NBA teams searching for a new coach for the 2014-15 season, including the Los Angeles Lakers, but the Cavaliers seemed to have been the closest team to luring him away from college basketball.

The dual-role position of Head Coach and President with the Cavaliers would have put Calipari in almost total control of team, among the likes of the Spurs' Gregg Popovich and the Timberwolves' Flip Saunders. And it was this power of the dual-role position that was, most likely, what enticed Calipari the most.

However, it appears the Cavaliers may have fell upon some bad luck when it came to the timing of the negotiations. Particularly, due to another blockbuster deal in college athletics that came to fruition shortly before Calipari had to make his decision with Cleveland.

Earlier last week, the University of Alabama's Head Football Coach, Nick Saban, signed a massive contract with the university, and it is has been reported that this mega deal provided Calipari with leverage in negotiating with the University of Kentucky; as both coaches have had parallel levels of success in the revitalization of their programs in their respective sports.

Ultimately, Calipari was able to use the Saban signing to negotiate a $52 million deal with the University of Kentucky, enough to keep him at the university for the next seven years.

So for now, it appears that Calipari plans to stay in college coaching for the foreseeable future. As for Cleveland's next coaching prospect, Yahoo! Sports reported that while there are a number of potential candidates out there, the position is still completely up for grabs.

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