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John Boyega Up for Lead Role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

'Attack the Block' star John Boyega
'Attack the Block' star John Boyega

As it stands right now, the only actors who seem to be confirmed for Star Wars: Episode VII are Adam Driver as a villain, and R2-D2 as R2-D2. But after a year of virtually every young actor in Hollywood being rumored for a role, the list of contenders is narrowing.

Variety reports that John Boyega (Attack the Block), Ed Speelers (Downton Abbey), and theater actors Matthew James Thomas and Ray Fisher have joined the previously-rumored Jesse Plemons for the lead role, saying they"have moved to the top of the list in recent weeks". Abrams is said to be looking for a racially diverse cast and this would certainly fit the bill. Hopefully the mention of Boyega doesn't automatically lead to speculation of him as a son of Lando Calrissian, as these things tend to go. Now, Boyega as the son of Mace Windu seeking revenge for his father's death? That I can wrap my head around.

Star Wars: Episode VII opens December 18th 2015.