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John Boehner has reached the holy grail of politics (Video)

The holy grail for politicians is the comfort of incumbency. House Speaker John Boehner has achieved that status and then some after 24 years in the House of Representatives. He is so entrenched in his native Ohio and national politics, he is running his first television ad in four years to rally support for other Republicans in Ohio, Politico reported Wednesday.

John Boehner - LIfe is good
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Boehner became the House majority leader after Tom DeLay’s departure in 2006, and then served minority leader in Obama’s first victory in 2008. He was elected speaker after the GOP triumphantly swept into the House majority in 2010’s stunning rebuke of President Obama’s liberal agenda.

Cory Fritz, a spokesman for Boehner’s political operation, told Politico, "Republicans have a big opportunity in 2014, and the speaker wants to make the most of it. With no significant statewide primary to mobilize and engage voters in Ohio, we’re stepping up and doing our part to build a strong foundation for victory up and down the ticket in November."

This is every politician’s dream scenario. Don’t worry about the opposition facing you directly. That means destroying the opposition for your political allies with your own campaign war chest.

The Speaker faces marginal opposition in his 13th election – three to be precise. He is expected to win easily.

Rumor has it that with the recent purchase of a condo in Florida, Boehner is about to hang up his career and spend his sunset years living the good life. "Absolutely not true," Boehner told The Washington Post.

The political commercials will premier April 16 in Cincinnati and Dayton, according to Politico.

Life is good when your future is assured. Something Boehner’s predecessor Nancy Pelosi knows all too well that fact in ultra-liberal San Francisco - her cmfort zone.

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