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John Boehner dragging GOP down with sore loser lawsuit

Boehner's pointing the finger again.  Continues to play the blame game.
Boehner's pointing the finger again. Continues to play the blame game.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Kim Jong-un (Supreme leader of North Korea), Boko Haram (violent militant group in Nigeria) and their ilk cause people around the world to shudder at their atrocities. Fortunately, the United States has long been spared having to deal with such reckless abandonment in their leadership. But out of the shadows has stepped a rarely glimpsed terror. Starring as the living personification of hatred is House speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Boehner’s controversial plans to sue President Barack Obama won the vote in the House Wednesday, 225 to 201. As expected, no Democrats voted in favor of the lawsuit but, surprisingly, the crazed manhunt proposed by Boehner was also shunned by some of his own fellow Republican legislators.

Boehner is the Pied Piper leading his minions along a path that makes a mockery of the United States courts. In a system backlogged with frivolous litigation, Boehner wants to throw a cog into the wheels of justice that will further tie up legal minds that could be better put to use on cases that have some merit. And in an economy that is slowly trying to elevate itself from the dungeons of recession, the last thing the American people want or deserve is a taxpayer-funded long and drawn out court battle. This entire proposal is a lose-lose situation.

The proposed lawsuit reeks of Boehner’s desperation to fulfill his seeming life’s desire: to attack President Obama. Rarely does Boehner give press conferences or speeches detailing what he is doing for the country or even his own local constituents in Ohio. What are his hopes and dreams? What agenda or platform does he want to roll out for the betterment of the United States?

Unfortunately, most of what the public sees from Boehner is his ready, aim, fire mode with President Obama as the target. He is bringing the office of House speaker to a new low. Even in previous high-profile partisan battles, former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., refused to initiate impeachment proceedings against then President Bush, Republican. She said, “I did not want to go down that path because of what it would mean for the American people.”

In response to Boehner’s latest hijinks President Obama said, "I know they're not that happy that I'm president, but that's okay. I've only got a couple of years left. Come on, let's get some work done. Then you can be mad at the next president."

And the timing couldn’t be worse. Congress is scheduled to break for vacation at the end of the week. They have urgent work to do on illegal immigration, healthcare, unemployment, minimum wage, and a myriad of other pressing matters. It’s very telling that Boehner has given this patchwork quilt of a lawsuit such top priority.

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