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John Boehner considers government 'rules' a dirty word


Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) lashing out at President Obama and liberals for their socialist ways.

On FOXNews' On the Record with host Greta Van Susteran, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) defended the controversial comments he'd made in a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review interview published on Tuesday.

Those comments were labeled "out of touch" by President Obama during a town hall meeting in Racine, Wisconsin on Wednesday as he singled out Boehner for comparing the country's financial meltdown to an "ant," and financil reform legislation to a nuke.

John Boehner is using the dismal economic status created in large part by Republican agendas and influence, as his main political strategy as GOP leader in the House to move the Republican party forward to the point where they take back the majority in Congress.

But is his strategy a winning strategy or is he instead alienating large groups of voters with each statement, alienating individual voters on a personal level with each negative utterance?

John Boehner in typical neo-con mode blames all of our economic woes on the President and stricter regulation of big business. That may sound good as a rhetorical soundbyte, but in reality, thousands of more jobs have been recently lost in the Gulf region, thousands more jobs lost due to all the contamination of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the British petroleum oil spill. Thousands more jobs lost either directly or indirectly to neo-con efforts towards the total deregulation of any industry that deals in big ticket items like oil, minerals, precious minerals, currency and stock options. In other words, the Republicans want to deregulate any industry that has the potential to make money, no matter how dangerous to the workers and environment, no matter what the cost to taxpayers.

Since Obama took office and the GOP decided on their obstructionist tactics as the sure way to bring Obama down, they have opposed nearly 100 percent of every piece of major legislation that the Democratic party has introduced in the Senate and the House, and have even flopped their support of a bill or amendment to a bill, when the President spoke out that he supported such a measure. At a time when the people of this nation have needed action by our government, Senate and House Republicans have blocked every action and bill for as long as they could hold out, and still John Boehner, Head-Obstructionist can blame the lack of job stimulation and lack of government action in the name of tax cuts and tort reform squarely on the shoulders of President Obama.

Yes, John Boehner is right, Americans are angry that they are losing their jobs, or are unable to find a new job since they lost their old job. Americans are angry that the unemployment benefits they've been depending on since Wall Street drove us into this financial meltdown are being revoked by insensitive Republican lawmakers who are labeling unemployment benefits in this day and age of extreme economic crisis as a luxury that is stimulating the maintenance of unemployment as a way of life, as a job. If there's one thing that Reopublicans truly don't appreciate about the American spirit is that we want to wiork. We are fiercely proud of our ability to build, and even start fresh when necessary. We are not a bunch of loafers begging for a government handout.

John Boehner throughout the interview with Van Susteran criticized the Obama Administration for their inability to produce, yet the only actions he apparently supports are tax cuts, which buy a little extra food for the middle class and a new Hummer for the rich, deregulation of industry which really lines the pockets of the robber-barons, and tort reform which keeps lawyers and big companies happy, all conservative code-words for taking care of the rich.

So what else is new?


Photo credit: Digitally captured from publicly shared video.

Sources: FOXNews, FOXNews


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  • Judah Hoover 5 years ago

    One wonders if you understand the difference between conservative and Neo-conservative when reading this article. One wonders if you are aware of the bigger better ships that have been told they can’t help clean up the Golf. One wonders if there is a reason to take action other than for actions sake. “Let’s do something even if it is wrong” seems to be the call of all the kings horses and all the kings men.

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