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John Bevere launches latest book

John Bevere
John Bevere

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John Bevere launches his new book, Extraordinary, The Life You’re Meant to Live, from the Brownsville First Assemblies of God, in Pensacola, Florida. If you remember the Brownsville First Assemblies enjoyed a ten year revival that started on Father’s Day 1995.

John and Lisa Bevere have written and co-written fourteen books and are encouraging believers all around the world. The new release embraces the autonomy of grace meant to help people tap into power in their personal lives. When Bevere references power, he is talking about the kind of power that reaches further than you can, accomplishing things that are impossible for you to accomplish without the grace of God.

I attended the meeting Friday and Saturday. There was an anointing of renewal on the service. After resting and soaking in the anointing, I found myself being reminded of dreams that I dreamed as a young adult. Why did I let them go; because, I could not accomplish them myself. The truth of grace became so strong in the meeting that it awakened dreams that God put in my heart as a youth. Bevere has a great message that is worth exploring.

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