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John Avon's 'Journeys to Somewhere Else' hits Kickstarter

Art of John Avon: Journeys to Somewhere Else
Art of John Avon: Journeys to Somewhere Else
Photo courtesy of John Avon, used with permission.

Beloved Magic: The Gathering artist John Avon has launched a Kickstarter project for an art book "Journeys to Somewhere Else." The artist is known within the Magic community for his incredible landscape pictures, which are often on basic lands. The Art book features a curated selection of Avon's 30 years of art. The goal is £24,000, which is just shy of $41,000.

"Journeys to Somewhere Else"
Photo courtesy of John Avon, used with permission.

"Jurneys to Somewhere Else" has an introduction by Todd Lockwood, and the cover also boasts a new image painted by Avon just for the occasion.

According to the Kickstarter page:

We have also been granted permission from Wizards of the Coast to use John's artwork from Magic: the Gathering, however this may only be for the first edition. Meaning this could be a one-time opportunity to possess a definitive collection of John’s work. Future editions may not have Magic art in them!

There's a wide variety of contribution tiers to choose from, including "original Magic: The Gathering sketches and various paintings from John's 20 years of painting in oils and acrylics."

The book will be perfect bound, large format square hardback with 180 pages, however it may expand to 238 pages. The Deluxe version will 228 pages to 276, depending if it reaches its stretch goals.

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