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Jogging the Porterville Rails to Trails Parkway

You can enjoy a free parking and free access trail in Porterville for an out of town fitness trip. The Porterville trail is accessible from many many areas in downtown Porterville. The Porterville Rails to Trails Parkway is only 1 mile long. This makes it amazing for running intervals. It is also great for alternating jogging and walking if you are recovering from a tough work out or an injury. The Porterville Rails to Trails trail is paved the majority of the way making it relatively easy for jogging. However you do need to watch out for branches on the trail. The Porterville Rails to Trails jogging, running, and hiking trail runs from Olive Avenue to Henderson Avenue. Some of the great things about the trail for jogging is that it is almost 100% straight. if you do close your eyes when pushing yourself for a couple seconds this trail has less risk than other trails. The jogging and running trail also has benches along the way for you to rest if your want. The jogging and running path also has lighted crosswalks at sections where one needs to cross busy streets for added safety. The crosswalks have audible warnings for those that need audio clues. The jogging and running trail even has drinking fountains along the way for convenience. However do remember to bring some water for safety. It can get a bit hot on the trail, particularly in summer. There are many areas with mature trees to minimize the heat factors, but there are still areas with minimal shading. If you want a longer experience take the extension at Henderson Avenue which ends at Heritage Center.

Remember there are a few road crossings
Lucinda Roth
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