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Jogging Reedley Rail Trail Community Parkway

Jogging on the Reedley Rail Trail Community Parkway provides fun and fitness for free. One can reach this trail by parking at Reedley College by Manning Avenue. However if you park here you may have to pay for a permit to park here. Another option to to park at the shopping mall across from the campus on Manning Avenue. The walk to the trail head is a bit longer. However the parking is free. The trail can all be accessed by parking at City Hall or County Courthouse or Reedley High School and entering it mid way. The jogging and running trail begins at the Reedley Colleg however it continues through and past City Hall and the Courthouse. It then goes through downtown areas. You can the go hiking, jogging, or running pas Reedley High School and many elementary schools. There are also several park and ride lots that you pass as you go jogging or running. It ends at the Kings River. If you do park near the Reedley College end consider bringing a picnic lunch. After walking, jogging, or running you can sit in the gazebo by the river and have a wonderful lunch gazing at the Kings River.

As you run think about what you want to do next.
Lucinda Roth
Starting jogging and almost anything is possible
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The hiking, jogging, and walking trail is used by cyclists, inline skaters, and walkers so be careful as you are running to be nice to others. Additionally expect to do the trail back and forth a few times if you want an extra long hiking, jogging, or running experience. The trail is only 2.6 miles each way. It is next to the railroad tracks so each to follow. However it does pass some very busy streets at times so watch out for air quality. We do not want you to try to be healthy and do something that defeats the purpose.

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