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Jogging on the Goshen Trail

The Goshen trail is a fun easy trail to go for a long jogging or running adventure. The trail connects Goshen and Visalia. As you are jogging or running you are following the Union Pacific freight line. The jogging trail can be used as a connector between the two beautiful cities. The jogging and running trail passes by beautiful residential areas. The running and jogging areas also border some industrial areas which are not recommended after dark. There are some isolated areas on the jogging and running trail. The jogging and running trail is lines in some areas with tree plantings. The jogging and running path also passes by some great parks if you want a break. Another amazing thing about this jogging and running path is that there are drinking fountains along the way. The running and jogging area also has bathrooms on the way.

Amazing fun jogging through nature
Lucinda Roth
Enjoy the Visalia Goshen Trail
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Some things to consider is that the western section of the running and jogging section is not well maintained all the time. During some times there are twigs and dirt on the running and jogging trail. The jogging and running trail near the golf course can be tough. There are some times when it can clogged with golf carts. Since the trail is narrow the golf carts can take up the entire trail.

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