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Jogging on Lewis S Eaton Trails Nearby

Why go jogging on a sidewalk when you can enjoy a fun nature type trails? The jogging trail is about 22 miles when you count the connecting trails in addition to the basic Lewis S Eaton Trail. The jogging trail can be accessed by parking at Woodward Park. However the problem with this is that there is a fee for cars to enter the park. Another alternative is to park in one of the two neighborhoods next to the park. The first neighborhood is in the bird streets specifically Audubon St. The great thing about this is that it is a short walk across the street to the jogging trail. Additionally you enter the jogging trail at the edge of the park where it starts to get more natural. Additionally you will be entering the jogging trail near the hill so you can start your jogging with a fun challenge. The other option is to park in the River Overlook area. This area is over the overpass just past the entrance to the park. The great thing about this is that you can park in the residential area and not cross a street to get to the park. The drawback is that it is a bit more of a walk. Additionally parking is a bit tougher here.

Paved and fun jogging in Fresno
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The jogging area is paved all the way. The trail is ADA accessible. The spur trails are not paved. However they are relatively easy to go jogging on. The jogging trail begins at Woodward Park. The jogging trail goes up along the bluffs. The jogging trail overlooks Jensen River Ranch. There are many nature restoration areas.

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