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Reservoir rescue: 2 kids in stroller fall into reservoir, hero treads deep water

The stars, moon and planets must have aligned just right when a jogger, who is also a former lifeguard, happens along at the exact time two babies in a stroller rolled over an embankment and fell 10-feet into a Massachusetts reservoir. Rebecca, who doesn’t want her last name published, saw two women chatting as the stroller holding their most precious cargo rolled to the edge of the embankment and then tumbled into the deep water of Brookline Reservoir, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday, Aug. 19.

Jogger saves 2 kids in stroller when it falls into reservoir in Brookline, Mass.
Wikimedia Commons/ Brookline Reservoir

Without hesitation, the jogger, whose lifeguard skills were needed, made a mad dash for the kids, who were about 100-yards away. The stroller rolled over the embankment and the kids fell 10-feet, landing face first in the water, according to NECN News on Aug. 19.

The one-year-old and four-year-old kids were strapped into the stroller so they were pulled down by the weight of the carriage into the deep water. One of the mother’s jumped in, but she couldn’t swim and ended up grabbing at Rebecca, who ended up saving the woman along with the kids.

When Rebecca made it to the kids, they were face down and she kept saying to herself, “I hope I hear them cry, I hope I hear them cry.” As soon as she flipped the stroller, one of the kids started to cry so she said to herself, “OK. They were not in there for too long,” reports Boston.

Rebecca flipped the stroller over and saw that the kids were strapped in. The carriage was too waterlogged to lift it out of the water and they were in deep water where you couldn’t stand. She had to keep herself afloat while also saving the kids and now the mother too.

Rebecca was able to pull all three, the two kids and the mother who couldn’t swim, closer to the edge where by now other people had gathered and helped to lift them all out of the water. Rebecca’s jog turned into a real life-saving mission on Monday night.

Neither of the two mothers could swim, so Rebecca must have seemed like a guardian angel who happened along. Police said that she was meant to be there at that exact time as some higher power had a plan to save those kids and Rebecca was the biggest piece to that plan.

Police talked with the children’s mothers who were busy chatting and didn’t realize that the stroller brake wasn't on. The officers believed this was an accident, one that might have turned tragic if not for Rebecca.

Rebecca was in town just for the day to visit her parents. She had decided to go for a jog along the Brookline Reservoir before having dinner with her parents. Again, there really seems to be more than just coincidence that Rebecca was there. It sounds like some type of divine intervention!

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