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Jogger finds baby missing from carjacking: Baby in car seat crying in bushes

A missing baby, who was a victim of a carjacking in Houston, has been found safe and sound in an overgrown field still strapped into her car seat. The baby was found by a jogger who was out for her earlier morning run when she heard a baby crying in some nearby tall grass and bushes, according to NBC News on June 24.

A jogger found a missing baby in a clump of high grass. She heard the baby crying and the cries led her to the 8-month-old still in the car seat she was in when her mother's car was highjacked.
YouTube screen shot/NBC News

The 34-year-old jogger, Hong Nguyen, had no idea that this eight-month-old baby was the subject of an Amber Alert that day. She was just out for a jog when she heard the baby's cries. She found the baby behind some bushes in the tall grass and called 911, reports People Magazine.

Nguyen stayed with the baby trying to sooth her from crying until the police arrived. Little Genesis Haley wasn't too far from the road when the jogger heard her cries, but because she was behind the tall grass she might not have seen her if she wasn't making such a fuss!

Police got a call at 3:40 a.m. from the mother of the baby who reported that she had left her baby inside her car when she went into a gas station to pay. She left the car running because the baby was sleeping and she locked all the doors except for the driver's door.

Within seconds a man hopped behind the wheel and took off with the car. In the surveillance video police say the mother looks frantic and she was away from the car for only a matter of seconds, but that was still enough time for this carjacker to get behind the wheel and take off.

The mother's green Saturn was found a few hours later, but there was no baby inside, adding more despair to this disappearance. The baby and the car seat were gone, said Shaun Sylvester an investigator for the Houston Police Department.

It was four hours later that Nguyen happened upon the baby when she was jogging. She had immediately called the police and they arrived at her destination within a matter of ten minutes.

One of the policemen to arrive is a father of two and the baby was still crying when he got to the scene. He took off his uniform shirt and swaddled the baby inside, which did the trick. The baby was taken to a local hospital where she checked out just fine.

Other than a few "ant bites" she suffered no injuries in the incident. The carjacker is still at large and police are hunting for the suspect. He left that baby in danger when he left her by the roadside.

Nguyen didn't find the baby until about 8 a.m., which was almost four hours since the carjacking. When she was called a "hero" by local media, she quickly quipped, that she is not a hero, adding that she did her job as a human being.

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