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Joffrey Ballet, Led by Ashley Wheater, To Make Their Miami Debut

Joffrey Ballet's, Age of Innocence, featuring Fabrice Calmels & Victoria Jaiani-
Photo by Herbert Migdoll
Joffrey Ballet's, Age of Innocence, featuring Fabrice Calmels & Victoria Jaiani- Photo by Herbert Migdoll


  • Brenda Avila 6 years ago

    Being from Chicago, I appreciate that you took the time to write about the Joffrey ballet. I was always curious to see them as a child but never was able to do so. Maybe May is going to be good. Thanks Maritza for keeping up with the times.

  • Ana 6 years ago

    Beautifully written article. I would love to meet the dancers! 42 incredible dancers in the cast that's an impressive number of performers to have in a company these days; I loved the fact that director Wheater gives his dancers equal opportunities to dance a leading role. Welcome to Miami!

  • Courtney J. 4 6 years ago

    wow..thats great..just from a two picture slideshow i can tell he's a great dancer

  • Dania O 6 years ago

    i can tell he does full out, i really hope wheater can achieve other goals in dance. good luck!

  • Serena 4 6 years ago

    Its so great that all these dancers have an equal oppertunity. And it true taht dancers have such a strong effect on the audience. I remember my sister and I would come back from the ballet, and we would be dancing all over the house! And thats what inspires people and dancers today is these incredible dancers because they capture you and then all you want to do is dance. And also its amazing how Wheater spent so much time and so much determination on these dancers, all ranks, all equaly trying for the lead role. Its so amazing and I hope that people like him become more and more known because of how much they really matter.

  • Daniela G. 4 6 years ago

    I think the article was really well written, and the whole idea of it was great. I really like how you were talking about a company and at the same time talking about something that is happening right now. You are keeping people informed, which is always a good thing to do. Especially when it refers to the performing arts. Since people sometimes forget that we need it in our lifes at certain points. And I bow down to the dancers, because to be able to do all of that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Especially with all the traveling and with the amount of dancers. Being able to work with so many people and all be on the same page, is incredible.

  • Gabriella C. 6 years ago

    This article was extremely well written! I absolutly agree with your first paragraph! Please keep writing you articles, it makes me learn and hear about what's going on in the "Dance World".

  • ciara 6 years ago

    this article talks about how confident dancers are about their performances and how they put 150% in ti their performances and they are very dedicated .its shows me not to be afriad of anything.

  • Jennifer 5 6 years ago

    Wonderful article and very well written. The dences from the Joffrey Ballet sound like amzing, hardworking dancers. For Wheater to come such along way from just beigna dancer in the company to leading it and spending three times a week, 5-6 hours a day teaching is such a comitment.

  • Ivis p6 6 years ago

    you write very well written papers and your very good in the way you use your words.This article was very detailed.Those dancers really are amazing for what they do.By just reading the article and by seeing the pictures.I could tell that takes really hard work and commitment.So thank for writing this paper so it keeps use informed about dance.

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