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Joffrey Ballet Group honors Francesca Corkle with a stellar performance

On May 19, students from the Joffrey Ballet School put on a performance at New York Live Arts in honor of Francesca Corkle, a dancer and instructor who has taught at the Joffrey Ballet School for 30 years. The students danced over a dozen individual performances, including a short play involving dialogue.

Students from the Joffrey Dance School perform on May 19.
Joffrey Ballet School

The troupe performed two works by Gerald Arpino. They were Kettentanz (1971) and Light Rain (1981). The full list of performances was Kettentanz, Gitano Gallop, Eisel Und Beisel Sprung, Kettenbrucke Waltz, Chinese Galop, Schnofler Tanz, Eufzer Galop, Cachucha Galop, Gitana Galop, Here We Are, Barroco, Entropy, East 10th and Light Rain.

The performers did an excellent job in each of the performances. They demonstrated the excellent instruction at the Joffrey Ballet School. The short play was particularly entertaining, consisting of a recently married couple arguing about what they were going to do with each other now that they were married. During that performance, two dancers helped bring the story to life by acting out the argument.

During the intermission, Davis Robertson spoke about Francesca Corkle and how the performance was dedicated to her. He spoke about her career as a dancer, then he talked about how she taught at the school for 30 years. Francesca very graciously accepted the applause and appeared very humble about the fact that she was being honored.

The Joffrey Ballet School prepares dancers for professional dancing. The students at the performance seemed to be well on their way.

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